Capping Chucks

Are you experiencing?

  • Closures that won’t screw on
  • Loose closures
  • Closures that are too tight
  • Seals that don’t seal
  • Wrinkles in closure liners
  • Heat seals that don’t apply correctly
  • Cross-threaded closures
  • Damaged closures
  • Cocked closures
  • Separated tamper evident bands
  • Leaking packages
  • Product recall
  • Costly production line downtime
  • Costly technical input
  • Continuous unresolved technical issues
  • Repeatedly changing over chucks to accommodate differing closure dimensions.

Examples of common capping problems:

Debris (snow) on machine from closures being damaged.

Cocked closure.

Damaged closure.

Separated tamper evident band.

Rescue your capping operation to significantly improve the quality of your product.

A GMD Innovation ‘New Generation’
Capping Chuck will:

  • Self-adjust to closure manufacture variations
  • Self-centre the closure to the bottle neck
  • Grip securely – does not slip or jam on the closure
  • Reduce variation in removal torque
  • Improve your capping line efficiency
  • Outperform and outlast fixed diameter or friction capping chucks
  • Reduce scrap levels / wastage
  • Fit multiple closure types
    – ideal for child resistant closures
    – complies with many hinged closures
  • Control excessive load during cap pick-up
  • Minimise unsightly & dangerous knurl damage
  • Produce a high quality finished package for your product.

Also compatible with
smooth wall closures

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