About Us

GMD Innovation

Global Mould and design Pty Ltd was formed in 2006, headed by Managing Director, Ray Mallett. His career in the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry spans over 40 years, specialising in design, manufacture and processing of closures, special purpose machinery, robotics and assembly.

After repeatedly troubleshooting capping faults he identified the need for an innovative capping chuck to replace the traditional fixed diameter and friction type chucks, which are responsible for a multitude of problems in machine efficiency.

The results of this saw the development of the GMD Innovation ‘New Generation’ Capping Chuck begin.

The innovative GMD Capping Chuck has been designed, developed and patented to assist the Packaging Industry. The ‘New Generation’ Chucks were developed to eradicate a range of capping problems and their use has produced a reduction of scrap rates beyond the expectation of the customer. This in turn has increased time efficiency and reduced the cost of production to the customer.

The GMD New Generation Capping Chuck was granted an Australian Innovation Patent in 2013 and is now widely used around the world.

The company has recently been re-named and branded as GMD Innovation, a name which better represents it’s innovative range of ‘New Generation’ capping chucks.